These policies outline some of the general rules and guidelines our customers should follow and be aware of when ordering doors, windows, molding, wainscoting, cabinets and other products from Starke Millwork Inc. We are providing this policy as a guide to assist each of our customers in understanding our ordering process and procedures, however, this may not be an all inclusive list. There are many different questions that may arise when you order from us, so please feel free to Contact Us with any questions or concerns that you may encounter during your ordering process. Even though some of the language that we have used in these policies may seem very direct and generally unfriendly, these policies have been designed to protect both the customer and Starke Millwork Inc. from very costly mistakes and errors. Many of the rules and guidelines listed in our policies are lessons learned through our past experiences. As we have always been, we are dedicated to customer satisfaction and overall happiness with our products and we will do everything in our power to resolve any issue you may have. We look forward to doing business with you.

Ordering Policy (Internet Sales Excluded)

We will provide the customer with an estimate as per details received from the customer concerning their order. Once the estimated price is approved and we receive a 50% deposit or settle on other payment terms, we will prepare a scaled drawing indicating design details, materials and extent of work to be done. If Starke Millwork Inc. determines that shop drawings are not needed and that the information on the estimate is sufficient, they may choose not to prepare shop drawings. If you would like to receive drawings in the aforementioned instance, it is the customers’ responsibility to inform us via email. In such a case whereby Starke Millwork Inc. deems it unnecessary to create a shop drawing, the Customer cannot reject an order in part or in full due to the Customer not providing enough or accurate information for the job to be done. Terms of payment are typically a 50% deposit and the remainder upon delivery/pickup, but other terms are occasionally agreed upon. All terms are in writing on Starke Millwork Inc. estimates and invoices.

Manufacturing Policy

Once we receive the 50% deposit on the job (or agree on other payment terms) to be done we will prepare scaled drawings that will be used for construction and for signoff from the customer (unless deemed unnecessary by Starke Millwork Inc. as described above). If the job location is within a reasonable distance from us we can come out to measure for you. If you would like to give the measurements/details to us to prepare the drawings that is also acceptable. Not all jobs require drawings and if we feel that the information indicated on our quote is sufficient to manufacture from we will not produce any drawings. In such a case, the Customer cannot reject an order in part or in full due to the Customer not providing enough or accurate information for the job to be done. If the Customer would like to receive drawings in the aforementioned instance, it is the Customers’ responsibility to inform us via email.

All corrections, changes or cancellations in quote, invoice, or drawings must be emailed or submitted online. Phoned changes will only be accepted with the understanding being that if something is wrong with your order upon receipt it will be the fault of the customer and not Starke Millwork Inc.

We will follow specs as per the construction of the product, but in the absence of this specification Starke Millwork Inc. will use whichever construction method we deem fit to suite the project.

We strive to complete your orders in the shortest timeframe possible and once we begin our process of manufacturing, all orders are non-cancelable and non-refundable due to the custom nature of the product. However, you may refer to our Hardware Policy for the return of any hardware orders (E.g. Hinges, lock-sets, handles/levers etc.).

Finishing Policy

We offer most of our products natural, stained or painted. The color can be determined from one of our stock colors or we can make custom colors as per the customers’ request. We would need a control sample from the customer to make any custom color required. We also accept the request of a standard color to be used from paint companies such as Benjamin Moore or Sherwin Williams. This should be submitted in writing by the customer and will be indicated on the shop drawings.

Colors may not match exactly to the control samples but every effort will be made in order to get them as close as possible. Starke Millwork Inc. does not accept responsibility for such differences as many different variables can have adverse outcomes on a color. These color variations will not be accepted by Starke Millwork Inc. as a reason to reject an order in part or in full.

The customer is required to give the sheen desired, otherwise we will consider it to be roughly 35 Satin sheen. When we give a quote and the sheen has not been specified, it will be quoted in 35 sheen.

Hardware Policy

If an item is returnable as per the manufacturer, you must first write us an email with your return request indicating all particulars of product you wish to return (ex. manufacturer, model, finish), the job name that was used on your invoice/shop drawings, and the reason for the return request. We will not accept any returns without these details. All items must be returned in “Re-Saleable Condition“, in original packaging with all parts included. Customer is responsible for shipping charges.

If the item is not returnable as per the manufacturer we will not be able to grant the return or refund any monies whatsoever.

Restocking policies vary, depending on manufacturer and item. In most cases, restocking fees apply. The customer will be billed for this expense once we know all costs involved.

Items that have been installed and or are not in their original packaging are not returnable. There are also no returns on custom made items such as custom kick-plate sizes or address plaques. Custom made items are manufactured specifically to your specifications and cannot be resold.

Residential grade hardware products used for commercial applications are not covered under the manufacturer’s warranty.

Please Contact Us us with any other questions you may have on hardware returns.

Limited Warranty

All products manufactured by Starke Millwork Inc. are warranted by Starke Millwork Inc. for one year from date of shipment, and at the time of shipment to be of good material and workmanship and to be free of defects which would render said products unserviceable or unfit for the ordinary, recommended use. This warranty is made to the original purchaser and extends to all subsequent purchasers during the period of this warranty.

If at the time a product shipment is received, said products are found to have a defect which can reasonably be discovered by inspection of each product, the receiver of the product must send written notice of said discovered defects to Starke Millwork Inc. within 30 days and prior to handing, fitting, trimming, scribing, etc. If a defect is discovered or occurs after the product is installed, written notice must be sent to Starke Millwork Inc. within one year from date of shipment. No claim will be honored unless an authorized representative of Starke Millwork Inc. preforms a field inspection.

If warranted products are found to contain defects as stated herein, Starke Millwork Inc. at our option will either repair defective product, furnish purchaser with a replacement product or refund to the current owner the amount the original purchaser paid Starke Millwork Inc. in which case the defective product would be returned to Starke Millwork Inc. This warranty does not cover any other expenses incurred in the replacement, repair or refund such as but not limited to labor for removal of defective product, cost of reinstalling replacement product, transportation to and from job site or reimbursement for any other work not originally performed by Starke Millwork Inc.


  1. Unsatisfactory service or appearance caused by failure to follow the “handling, on-site finishing and installation instructions” set forth are excluded from this warranty.
  2. The appearance of field finished products are excluded from this warranty.
  3. Natural variations in the color or texture of wood are not to be considered as defects.
  4. Warp shall not be considered a defect unless it exceeds 1/4” in the plane of the product itself. Warp is any distortion in the product itself and does not refer to the relationship of the door to the frame or jamb in which it is hung. The term “warp” shall include bow, cup and twist. When measuring the amount of warp in a door, the following method shall be used: bow cup or twist shall be measured by placing a straight edge on the suspected concave face of the product at any angle with the door in its installed position. The measurement of bow, cup or twist shall be made at the point of maximum distance between the bottom of the straight edge and the face of the door.
  5. All the following doors/products are excluded from the warranty;
    1. All 1-3/4” thick doors which are wider than 3’ 6” or higher than 8’ 0”.
    2. All products with different species combined together.
    3. All doors that are improperly hung or do not swing freely.
    4. Normal wear and tear including wear through finish.
    5. Any product that is not properly maintained (i.e., refinishing/repainting periodically and/or when necessary)
    6. All doors in which construction of one side differs from the construction of the other.
    7. All products stored longer than two weeks from shipping date without being hung, installed or if they are not stored in a climate controlled environment.
    8. All exterior products not finished by Starke Millwork Inc.
    9. All exterior doors where there is inadequate overhead protection (i.e., less than four feet from the face and edge of door and no more than three feet above the top of the jamb).
    10. All exterior products with insufficient protection from weather and/or the elements
    11. Any product Starke Millwork Inc. deems structurally unstable. This will be noted in writing by Starke Millwork Inc.

Any implied warranty shall be limited in duration to the period of this warranty. Starke Millwork Inc. shall not be liable for any products repaired, returned or replaced without prior consent of Starke Millwork Inc.


  1. Upon receipt of shipment; inspect each product for any visible defects. Products should be stored on a flat and level surface in a dry, well ventilated building. Cover to keep clean and out sunlight but allow air circulation.
  2. Handle with clean gloves and do not drag products across one another or across other surfaces.
  3. Products not be subject to abnormal heat, extreme dryness, extreme humid conditions or sudden change therein. They should be conditioned to average prevailing relative humidity of the locality before installing.
  4. The utility or structural strength of the product must not be impaired in the fitting/installing of the product, the application of the hardware, or cutting and altering the product for any reason.
  5. Before finishing remove handling marks or effects of exposure to moisture with a thorough final sanding over all surfaces of the door using 180 grit sandpaper. Clean before applying sealer or finish. Some species of wood contain a chemical (Oak particularly) which reacts unfavorably with certain finishes. It is the customers responsibility to determine the compatibility of those finishes.
  6. Immediately after fitting doors or cutting for closures, weather strip and or threshold, and before hanging any interior or exterior door on the job, the entire door including the top and bottom edges must receive an application of a primer and two coat of a good grade of paint, varnish or lacquer. Adequate drying time must be allowed between coats as per the finish manufacturers recommendations. For job site finishing do not use a water thinned paint unless an oil base prime coat is first applied. Exterior finish shall be used on the interior and exterior faces, and all edges of exterior doors.
  7. Avoid dark colors on exterior products in direct sunlight
  8. Factory finished products should be checked against approved finish sample prior to installation. The installation of the doors shall constitute acceptance of color.

Starke Millwork Inc. reserves the right to change these policies without notice.