Come visit our newly remodeled showroom!

You will find a beautiful showcase of doors, molding and wainscoting at our Manhattan showroom on E 32nd St. between Park Ave. and Lexington. We offer some of the more popular door styles and some special designs that we have done. Since we are primarily a custom shop, we have done thousands of designs in our 35+ years in the business. This showcase is a good place to start when ordering your doors since you can see the style and quality first hand. You will see our wainscoting profiles too.

In an effort to make your molding purchases easier and up to your expectations, we have 12" samples of most profiles in our catalog on display right here in our showroom that you can take with you. If you don't have time or you are not in the area, we can ship them to you too! Click here to find out how.

Laura Kennis

Office: 212.447.1718

Cell: 631.721.5540